Spring Planting: The Butterfly Bush

Few things gave me more joy last summer than watching our new gardens around the home we moved into bloom. As the summer months progressed we were thrilled to realize we have what is commonly referred to as a “Butterfly Bush” right beside the pool. Judging by the size (nearly 9 feet tall!) this bush… read more

Great Read: Fates and Furies

For any and all who are heading into spring break, Fates and Furies by Lauren Groff is an excellent read. There are portions of the story that had me racing to bed at night to tear through another few chapters, and then other sections that peacefully trickled by. The pace of the book mirrors the… read more

Party Time!

Something about the spring season feels very festive. There are weddings, end-of-school parties, birthday celebrations, bar and bat mitzvahs, and simple summer soirées to be planned. Party planning is not my forté so I love the idea of bringing on a professional who can really help to make even the smallest event a special one…. read more

Great Non-Profit: Squash Haven

It’s been far too long since I have featured an incredibly awesome non-profit here on The Sent. Welcome Squash Haven. This non-profit based out of New Haven (a city I hold near and dear to my heart after living there for 4 years of college) is taking inner-city students and introducing them to organized sports… read more

For The Kids: Bathtime Fun

Floating Octopus – This one floats and has multiple pieces so my 1-year-old has loved playing with it recently. He takes the rings off, puts them back on, and takes the rings off, and… Well you know how it goes. Skip Hop Pouring Ducks – I used to always wish I had a plastic cup in the… read more

Follow Up: The Dog Tags

This is an update for those who read my original post here about the man who bought my father’s dog tag off a local in Vietnam and then tracked my dad down from across the ocean to let him know he had it. Many have asked what happened after Charles contacted my dad. This week he… read more

February: Links I Love

I am so all about female validation. It’s my love language. I’ve heard there are many health benefits to drinking from a copper water bottle. Just ordered this one from Amazon. Will keep you posted. People always compliment my pics on Instagram. I’d be lying if I didn’t admit to using lots of tech-tricks to… read more