Greenwich Sidewalk Sales!

It’s going to be a busy a weekend on Greenwich Avenue. The sidewalk sales are running straight thru Sunday. If you can secure yourself a parking spot there is shopping that is not to be missed. I snuck by the Johnnie-O Tent Sale right behind Saks yesterday and scored a bunch of great things. $20… read more

Red, White, and Blue…

With the 4th of July just a few days away I couldn’t help but share a little red, white, and blue inspiration. I know my gang is already on pins and needles waiting to see the fireworks later this week. It’s our favorite night of the year. Fingers crossed we’ll have sunshine and clear skies… read more

Summer Herbs and Vegetables: Our Home Garden

Summer is quite possibly my favorite season for many reasons. In early summer we plant a fresh herb and vegetable garden and the girls and I spend countless hours observing and cultivating our seeds and plants. There is nothing more rewarding than eating the “fruits of your labor” and I take such pride in watching… read more

Snack Attack!

They say necessity is the mother of invention. Ever tried carrying a variety of snacks and three cups of gatorade outside when the kiddos get hungry and thirsty mid-play? It ain’t easy. This little trick means one trip back and forth to the kitchen versus three. Here is your answer for summer play dates! You… read more

Recipe: Simple Roasted Chicken with Herbs

I recently read an article about how easy it is to cook a whole chicken in a slow cooker so I trotted off to the market and bought myself a chicken. Sadly I got home to realize the slow cooker is up at our house in VT. (Still there from the one and only time… read more

Commercial Impact

I wasn’t going to blog today but darn you Powerade. I saw this and new it needed to be shared. If you need some inspiration today watch this commercial. I know it made me wonder if I am giving nearly enough heart and effort to the things I do each day. Let’s all try harder…. read more

Lunch Tartines

Over the last few months I have gotten many requests from readers to include more simple meals and recipes. Easy kid-friendly dinners are on the way, but for now let’s start with lunch. I’ve always sort of overlooked this middle-of-the-day meal but I’ve been recently been challenging myself to get more creative. I am a… read more

Pink Popcorn

When John and I lived in NYC and I was working long hours as a television reporter my guilty pleasure was watching movie trailers on Moviefone late at night before bed. (Don’t poke fun. For me it has always been the simple things in life…) I didn’t have time to go to the movies so… read more

March: Links I Love

Tie one on! A beautiful bracelet to make for this summer. Ever felt somebody creeping up on you in line? Maybe they need a lesson in etiquette. Something so nostalgic about collections… I peed in my pants a little watching this. For many reasons. Love me some vegetarian food. Fantastic food photography too! This treat… read more

The Best Breakfast Smoothie

I have seldom met a smoothie that counts as breakfast (I am usually an egg and toast kind of girl) but I promise this one is hearty. I guzzle one of these at 8am and it usually keeps me satisfied until noon. It’s easy to make, full of protein and fiber, and truth be told… read more