Our Favorite Face Paint

‘Tis the season! If face painting is in your future this Halloween season, it’s not too late to order and use this face paint by Go Green. I found it 4 years ago and keep it in my office. As a mother of three I have been shocked by how often I have needed face paint for school plays, Halloween, birthdays… It is vegan and paraben free which means it is safe for them and me. It took a few bad experiences for me to realize my hands were breaking out because I was getting the face paint on my skin and it had Lanolin in it, something I now know I am allergic to. This brand isn’t greasy, dries quickly, and it washes off with just a little water and a paper towel. Get after it parents!!

As you can see it really did the trick last night. I forgot we had a Halloween party the week before Halloween. I had a work video shoot and got home at 4:40pm and the party was at 5:30pm. I had one and a half costumes prepped for 3 children. We improvised and this face paint helped to make Emma look extra creepy, and it really transformed JT’s hand-me-down dragon costume (a 2T for his 5T body) into a legit outfit. His headpiece was created with the help of my hot glue gun (also a must for parents who don’t plan ahead!) and one of the girls headbands. Last minute planning for the win!

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