Hair, there, and everywhere. Hair!



(Me, fresh from the shower with BIG hair.)

There. I’ve said it. I have BIG hair. You who have seen me with shiny, smooth, polished hair might not believe it. But it’s true. I have made peace with my big hair and I quite regularly revel in it’s quirky, kinky, frizzy, unruliness – especially during the long hot HUMID summer. But that being said, I like me a smooth shiny hairdo every now and then too. All of us women, and sometimes men, love to talk about our hair. So for those of you who are wondering how to skip the blow dry bar and do it yourself???? Here you have the magic pills… According to me.


(Brush #1 – The Wet Brush $8.98)

Get it while the getting is good. This little baby, bought on Amazon for a mere $8.98 (free shipping for those as obsessed with Amazon Prime as I am), will solve all your snaggley snarly problems. The minis in particular appreciate this one when it comes time for chlorine season when hair is that much harder to brush out sans-tears. I own two of these and swear they can reduce even the worst bee-hive of a hair situation into a smooth blow-dryer ready head.


(The Product – Moroccan Oil and Kerastase Olio Relax Slim )

And now, the products… I used to pride myself on being a product-free girl but who are we kidding??? Product is good. It makes a difference. And I kind of like my big girl shelf with those few special items that make me feel like a real bonafide adult. No more “I only use cetaphil and toothpaste” for this girl. One pump of Moroccan Oil (bought mine at the sidewalk sales in Greenwich from Plush Blow Dry Bar 20% off) and a dime size amount of Oleo-Relax. Smooth into hair and it is time to blow.


(The Gun – Parlux 3200 $106.39)

This bad boy has serious power, is relatively light weight, and when attached to that concentrator nozzle makes smooth hair dreams come true. For an awesome tutorial on blow drying your own hair check out Gwyny’s post from last year (Goop). Love her or hate her – Gwyneth does know cool people who do cool stuff. This turned me into a master.


(Brush #2 – the round guy)

Last but not least – this round brush was a gift from my mama. She is not nearly as thrifty as me. What can I say? The woman appreciates quality, and she bought it at Warren Tricome. There you have it. Curls gone, and don’t you just feel all shiny and smooth and polished?!?

DSC_0402(The tail. Blow dried by moi.)

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  1. I knew about Moroccan oil but none of the other products. Thanks for the info from another frizzy haired woman!

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