New year, new energy!

Wake up, open eyes, smile, and breathe… In light of the new year, this is how I am choosing to start my days. (read: This is how I will ATTEMPT to start my days. As many of you know I am NOT a morning person. This like many other things is something I am trying to change.) I’ve always loved a good sunset, but I am thinking it might be time to appreciate the sunrise too.

(A favorite sunset captured during my honeymoon in Hawaii.)

I’m not one to make/break new year’s resolutions but instead I see the changing of the years as an opportunity to reset. My goal? To let go of the negative things that have crept into my day to day throughout the last few months and to start afresh with optimism that the year ahead will be better, brighter, and more joyful than the last.

“The root of joy is gratefulness.”
– David Steindl-Rast

The changes happen, for the most part, in four sections of my life. Maybe you’re needing a little tune up too? If so, join me in trying to gently shift the way we see things and what we do about them. All we can do is try our best. We will fail at times, but the true beauty is in being committed to trying again.

1) My physical body: I commit to feeling gratitude that my body for the most part is healthy, strong, and able to do what I tell it to. Every few years I hear my inner voice saying, “Slow it down. Run less, do more yoga, take a day off from exercise every now and then.” YOGA is the word that stands out to me most in that last thought. I am committing to doing a yoga class once a week. And when I say “doing yoga” that means staying all the way through the end of the class. Laying there in shavasana for 5-10 minutes, allowing myself to melt into the mat. Allowing myself to gather my thoughts and be thankful for the class before sprinting into another day packed full of pick-ups and errands. I will still run because there really is nothing like that little rush that comes with putting on my earphones, blasting some of my new favorite tunes (stay tuned for my 2013 playlist in a future post), and hitting the pavement to sweat and get my heart going. BUT I might run a little less frequently and walk a little bit more. Just being gentle to my body. S-T-R-E-T-C-H-I-N-G will be a priority too. Long lean muscles free of back pain and spasms are the goal!

(My favorite yoga pose, triangle. No, that is not me.)

2) My spirituality: When I go to church I feel good. I regularly feel the pastor is preaching directly to me and my needs. I don’t push or plead for others to choose my brand of spirituality, but I do encourage each of you to find SOME form of spirituality that makes you say “I want to be better. I can be better. And if I am not better today, tomorrow is another chance.” That is how church makes me feel. And the people are really friendly too. I like a dose of that every week, and sometimes twice.

(My church meets in a middle school auditorium. This is  sweet little church off the island of Paros in Greece. Both are beautiful in their own way.)

3) My kids: When it comes to my kids I want to be more present. A few weeks ago I was in the kitchen responding to emails when my 4 year old started calling me. 5 minutes later she was still calling and I was still typing. My husband finally came into the room and said, “Do you not hear Emma calling you?” I responded, “Oh I hear her. I am just ignoring her.” He was amazed. I have no interest in raising entitled children who think their needs should always be the FIRST priority, BUT I do want them to know that when they call me they will be heard. In VT during the week that followed Christmas we spent 8 days straight with our girls. We unplugged a bit. We skied, we played, we dined together (AT RESTAURANTS which is no small feat with 2 children 4 and under!), and we talked. A lot. If you listen you will be amazed at how much young children have to say and how astute, creative, funny, and unique their thoughts truly are. It was heavenly and we all came back recharged and validated.

(My minis in one of their finest moments. JOY.)

4) My schedule: Sometimes saying NO is a way to say YES to what you, your children, and your significant other need. This past Saturday we woke up at 8am. (See above. I was VERY happy that both kids slept in until that GODLY hour.) We lounged around in pjs until 10ish and then I walked a small gift over to a friends house. I couldn’t resist doing a short jog on the way home. The air was crisp but not cold and the sun was shining. I think I was smiling as I jogged…  I have a big inner geek. What can I say? When I got home I S-T-R-E-T-C-H-E-D and we encouraged the kids to finally get out of pjs and into comfy clothes (and yes, on weekends tutus and tiaras count as comfy clothes). At 11:30am some friends came over for an easy lunch that consisted of sandwiches and chips. For the next two hours we ate, watched our kids play in the yard, and caught up on holiday travels. We were present. We said “no” to the list of items that needed to be returned post-Christmas and “no” to the emails that sat in the inbox unread. While I love a good to-do list that has had every item scratched off (in fact I sometimes forget to write an item on the list and when this happens I actually write it on the list afterwards just so I can then scratch it off. Yes, I am that kind of crazy…), I am learning to love a lazy day too!

 “Life is a balance of holding on and letting go.”

― Keith Urban

So, I said to myself that this would be a short first post. Is anyone really surprised that I came up with this much to share?!? Ah, I wish I was less verbose. Take, read, enjoy, and delete if it doesn’t suit you. I’m hear to listen so please do comment. And in future posts you can expect, pictures, playlists, Q&A, silly stories, sad stories, funny stories. Nothing is ever too insignificant to share… Good luck this year people. I know amazing things are ahead!


  1. BRAVO on your inaugural post! Very Lindley. Write honestly and often.

  2. Wondeful. So in awe of the breadth of beauty, inspiration, wisdom, and knowledge that is spinning through you into the world. Keep up the great work and share your voice with all your love and power!

  3. such a beautiful endeavor you are setting off on! I am humbled by you- on and off the mat! Janel

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