What I’m Reading Now…

Yeah. Wake up and be awesome. I am certainly going to try. Here are the best of what I’ve been reading on the web. Enjoy!

Have you been to Whole Foods? Really been to Whole Foods? This comedian’s assessment of the “WF Experience” is brilliantly funny…

A recipe shared by one of my children’s teacher. Can’t wait to serve it up this fall and winter!

What do you tell people you do? This short post made me think about how I describe what I do.

The perfect hair accessories can be found here… Get ready to DIY!

Remember these Sophie Webster shoes I blogged about back in January? I can’t even imagine what she will create when she teams up with Jcrew this fall. They will be here in early 2014. Yee-haw!

Ooh. La. La. Sometimes that is all you need to say.

Make-up made easy! Try these tips now.

Decorating your home? Not without these handy apps!

Are your habits making you happy? This article is brilliant. It’s a mouthful but so wise and true. Take your time. Read it. Assess. Get happy.

God I wish I knew how to surf. Or at least shoot amazing photos like these of surfers….

Six simple words. One massive impact. This article has changed me. I know it.

You are only seven ingredients away from amazing cinnamon rolls.

This dance routine made my heart ache a little. I’m a sucker for a love triangle. And this one made me want to jump through the screen and say “WHAT?!” So good. So very good.

Grilled brussel sprouts and beer-infused cheese? Holy smokes! Find the recipe here.

Skip to the bottom of this post for a list of some GREAT face products. Note she’s considered to be a real pro and we use the very same eyebrow gel and Jurlique cleanser. Ah yeah.

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