February: Links I Love

  For all you high end shoppers… You’ll never worry about sounding like an amateur again. Even when they tell you “you can’t” – always believe YOU CAN. Loving watcing the sports in Sochi. Really cool post with national flags made of food! Wish I didn’t always kill my orchids. Perhaps some more realistic options? What… read more

January: Links I Love

image: Elena Shumilova This video clip from the documentary Valhalla is so darn cool. I need to see this film… Damn straight Jane Fonda. Damn straight. A plastic hand? Amazing. And probably the best father/son project ever. Who has money in our country? Twins? Nope. This photographer found complete strangers who look like each other…. read more

Here’s to the best year yet!

This year you could… 1) Set goals that make you feel inspired. 2) Kiss someone like you mean it. Like it’s the very first time. 3) Consider starting a second career. You can. I promise. Start small and build up to the long term dream. Create space for growth. A desk, 30 minutes a day… read more

Merry Merry!


Laugh With Me – It’s Wednesday.

Sticks and stones may break their bones… This is a hysterical clip of celebrities reading mean tweets about themselves. You all know I am addicted to Instagram. This song proves they are on to me… This is quite possibly one of the best play-by-play voicemail messages I have every heard. The detail… I couldn’t help… read more

Found on the Web

1) I like this POV about giving generously without expectation. 2) Some darn good apps for taking photos on your phone… 3) I love to ponder who has time to create things like this. Keep up the good work. Very funny. 4) I’m not a cat person but this blog literally had me howling with laughter. Meow! 5) My family may balk – but… read more

Boy’s Best Friend

By now you may or may not have heard about the very special relationship between Theo and Beau which is documented on the blog Momma’s Gone City. A babe and his pup – it’s a lesson in very simple love. Theo was adopted from a shelter at just 7 weeks old and his new family… read more

Falling For…

images: pinterest

The Weekly

tumblr {Click the bolded words for my favorite links of the week.} Start with this. Holy dear lord – I was laughing so hard at a few of these notes that I almost cried… #9? I mean come on… I would love to have one of these coins turn up in my change… This pie had… read more


Jimmy Fallon, you’re my hero. I love to laugh. This little clip literally had me guffawing out loud. It’s the middle of the week. That requires a little levity. CLAH people, CLAH.