Lovely Little Links

This world wide web is quite a place. One link just leads to another. Page after page we go… Here are some of my favorite findings from this week. Happy reading! 1) Dance is life. I like it when dance happens within life. Photographer Jordan Matter is spectacular. So are his “dancers”. 2) It’s no… read more

Hopeless Wanderer

Oh Friday… Here you are again. A weekend lies ahead. Relaxation is needed. Laughter is mandatory. Watch this music video and you are on your way. Hopeless Wanderer – Mumford & Sons Come on now? Admit it. You laughed while watching. Director Sam Jones, you and I must become friends. And the actors? Ed Helms,… read more

Monday Music Memories

Let’s do it. Let’s go back. Way back. Back to a time when you wore crop tops. A time when your jeans were “pegged ” at the ankle and a flannel shirt was synched around your waist. Snapple Peach Iced Tea and Blow Pops qualified as a food group. Your first concert? It must have… read more

Weekend Reading

1. This is one heck of an essay written by a stay-at-home mom who clearly looks back and wonders what might have been? ( 2. And then this letter and the response that was written 52 years later presents quite a different argument. ( & 3. And then there was this… Who could ever call ambition a bad thing? ( 4. With all… read more

Dear Old Dad

So here I am blogging about just how crafty and organized I am trying to become and what do I do? I leave shopping for Father’s Day gifts to the very last minute. Not crafty. Not organized. Sorry Dad. Sorry Husband. I may not have ordered personalized golf balls months ago but I do fancy… read more

Five Friday Favorites for Moms

To be a mother is to know great pride, disappointment, love, anxiety, and joy. It can be the best and hardest job on Earth. We try and toil – comparing ourselves to others – while also promising ourselves we will do it our own way. As I reflect on this Mother’s Day I realize my… read more

Block It Out

I am having a little thing for the block-heel sandal these days… It’s high enough to give your legs a little va-va-voom but low enough to still be comfortable for running around town. The Lanvin I love. But alas the Zara is in my pay grade. Zara really never misses when it comes to current… read more

Herbal Remedies

Fresh herbs can transform a meal. A sprig of parsley makes a bowl of soup look regal. A few mint leaves make a cocktail more festive. And without fresh basil – tomato and mozzarella would be a lonely pair. While they are easily found in the produce section – I think growing them in your… read more

Your Parenting Mantra

If you have talked to me recently you know I am blog obsessed. This technology thing is very addictive… I spend countless hours scouring sites looking for inspiration. It’s time consuming but there is a big upside. There are some seriously smart and talented people on the internet. Real people. Living real lives. Sharing good… read more

Five Friday Favorites – To a Tee!

The hunter stalks her prey. She searches by the light of day and sometimes even in the dark of night on… the internet. What is this illusive item she seeks to find? The classic white tee. What’s this you say? It’s an easy target? Anyone could track it? Don’t be fooled by the surplus of… read more