See: Cyber Seniors

This documentary called Cyber-Seniors looks absolutely precious! I love the idea of bridging the gap between the oldest living generation and our tech-addicted younger one. There is something so funny and refreshing about the candid admissions made by these seniors about not knowing how to use current technology. The trailer (attached) is well worth watching… read more

Great Business: Candyshop Photography

If you have been following along for some time you know that I am obsessed with photos. Especially those of children. By far one of my favorite photographers in the area is Charisse Czaja. Her photos are stunning! Add that pure talent on top of her being a spectacular person (Superhero Among us ALERT!) and I’m… read more

Art: Zaria Forman

I came across the exceptional artist Zaria Forman in only a way that the heavens above could manifest. Her father is a neuro ophthalmologist. (Yes, brilliance runs in the family.) I went to see Dr. Forman when my son JT, at 6 weeks old, presented with what we feared was a serious eye problem. While we waited… read more

God Bless the USA

Last night we watched American Sniper. It felt fitting as this weekend we acknowledge Memorial Day, a federal holiday that remembers the people who died while serving in the country’s armed forces. The story of Navy SEAL Sniper Chris Kyle’s life is both heroic and heartbreaking. After watching I went to bed feeling a great sense… read more

Art: Prints Charming

Animal Prints – $150 eachIn our home we have an eclectic collection of artwork. I love to mix oil paintings, photography, watercolors, and prints – often all in the same room. Once an Art History major in college I adore looking at what other people have on their walls. At my friend Xandy’s she has… read more

Spaces: Is Bigger Better?

I want a bigger house. And I want a bigger yard. And a bigger play room. Bigger is better right? Perhaps not always… This small “tree house” in the mountains of West Virginia that was built by photographer Nick Olson and designer Lilah Horwitz and is made mostly of repurposed old windows had me thinking… read more

See: Annie

Last weekend I took my girls who are 6 and 4 to see Annie and we adored it. I know it has gotten mixed reviews but I wanted to let you all know that I thought it was precious and the music was co catchy and fun that we immediately came home and downloaded the whole soundtrack… read more

Photography: Anais & Dax

There is something about these images by photographers Anais & Dax that perfectly captures the serenity and solitude of the winter. I was just discussing with a friend the turning inward that happens for each of us during these long cold months. There is a peacefulness to the slowing down but also a slight sadness in the… read more

Go See: Men, Women, and Children

As a parent raising children in this technologically overloaded world I can’t help but wonder how the web, smart phones, iPads, and video games will change the landscape of our most intimate relationships. “Men, Women, and Children“ is the newest film from Jason Reitman (best known for his films Thank you for Smoking, Up In… read more

Art: Motion Pictures

I started swooning the moment I saw these animated photos taken by Jeffrey Lewis Bennett. He’s a traditional wedding photographer who takes incredible photos but something about the subtle movement in these animated images makes them so special. They are a stunning marriage of art and technology.