Parenting: Summer Shoes For Every Occasion

I have always found shopping for children’s shoes to be kind of daunting. First off, most of the stores in our area are pretty over-priced. Online pricing is much better but what to do when you don’t know the exact size in a given brand that will fit your child? I know Emma wears a… read more

Mastering the 2-Wheeler

{Giro Helmet $24.99, Balance Buddy $12.95, Kazam Balance Bike $99.00, Kick Stand $6.96} When I wrote about Emma mastering the 2-wheeler here I was remiss in not sharing the dirty details of how we made it happen. A few people have asked me since then about what we bought as we were learning. First I… read more

Parenting: The Sex Talk

One of my favorite things is when people ask me to cover a certain topic on the blog. I love a personal request and am thrilled when I feel like I am disseminating information that is valuable and helpful. That being said, please don’t hesitate to leave your requests in the comment section of the… read more

Snack Attack!

They say necessity is the mother of invention. Ever tried carrying a variety of snacks and three cups of gatorade outside when the kiddos get hungry and thirsty mid-play? It ain’t easy. This little trick means one trip back and forth to the kitchen versus three. Here is your answer for summer play dates! You… read more

Third times a charm…

SHARE: It is with a heart full of joy that I share the news we are expecting our third baby. The little one should arrive next fall just in time for John’s birthday. The reality of it all is finally starting to settle into our home and we couldn’t be more excited. Sophie thinks it’s… read more

Swim Safe

As summer approaches I have swimming on the brain. My girls both head off to camp where swimming is a large part of their day and knowing that they are both competently swimming on their own makes me feel much better about the situation. Swimming is by far one of our favorite family sports. I… read more

Parenting: Making Room for Emotions

Earlier this week I picked my daughter up from school and her teacher stopped us as we entered to ask if my little one was in a better mood today. Of course that begged the question, “Was she in a bad mood yesterday?” Her teacher went on to tell me that she hadn’t been her… read more

Smart Playrooms: Getting Organized!

You know the drill. The excuses, the arguments, the negotiations… “Only take one toy out at a time. Don’t forget to clean up afterwards. No moving on to the next thing until we’ve put this away first…” Keeping a playroom clean and clear of clutter can be quite a feat. And I’m not saying the… read more

A Girl and Her Dog: Harper and Lola

I love these images. Photographer Rebecca Leimbach has perfectly captured the love shared between her daughter Harper and her best buddy, their bulldog, Lola. The story is a sweet one. In the past Leimbach has shared in interviews that after having Harper she and her husband were unable to have more children. She was crushed… read more

Best Books: The Day the Crayons Quit

A mystery unfolded in our home 2 weeks ago… One evening as the girls nibbled away at dinner I peeked outside the front door to see a large parcel from Amazon. I carried the box inside and opened it up to find a book inside called The Day the Crayons Quit and there with the… read more