Choosing Grace on the Way to School

The girls, the baby and I hustled into the car this morning and were on our way – a mere five minutes behind schedule. Phew! We drove along on a double lined single lane road discussing T-Ball and whether or not the girls wanted to play this spring. Up ahead a garbage truck was blocking… read more

This One Is Worth It

Forget about the Superbowl ads. This one by Nikon takes the cake. When this gay black couple instagrammed a photo of them doing their daughters’ hair at 5:30am pre-school it immediately went viral. Sadly many people took to the “airways” with negative comments. There is no room in this world for such closed-mindedness. Kuddos to this… read more

Parenting: Funny Things Kids Say

One afternoon we got home from school and my older daughter Emma immediately asked me if I could help her with a project, make her chicken soup for lunch, and please please get her some lemonade with ice because she was “dying of thirst”. As I was explaining to her that I could only do one thing… read more

Finding Balance with Sarah Davis

A new year means new resolutions – many of mine usually revolve around balance, good health, and grounding. This year for my kids it’s about better listening and more attention to meal time etiquette. I’ve said before they bounce around like jelly beans during meals and dinner can take an hour! I was thrilled to sit… read more

Gift Guide: Games

{Qwirkle, Zingo, Monopoly, Battleship, Connect Four, Brain Quest SMART Game, Simon, Don’t Tip The Waiter} This Christmas we are going big on board games. The focus is on getting our kids working on their numbers, letters, reading, and fine/gross motor skills while also having fun. Games like Connect Four are also good for learning patterns and strategy. Monopoly was on our list… read more

Baby News: It’s a…

We could not be more excited to introduce you to the newest member of our family! With ten little fingers and ten little toes, just perfect in every way. Our hearts are full and we know this love will grow with each passing day. With a dimple in his ear he’s taken from mom and puppy… read more

Smart Biz: Zaniac

Back when I was in high school I was a bonafide math and science geek so as you can imagine nothing makes me more happy than our countries move towards introducing more (and better) math and science curriculums to our students. I am sure many of you have been hearing about STEM initiatives in the… read more

Baby on Board & a Giveaway

I’ll warn you right off the bat – this is going to be a sappy one. As I write my heart is fluttering around inside my chest like a butterfly trapped in a cage. I cannot believe I am just 1 week away from my due date. I can’t wait to meet this little being… read more

Velvet Tote

I’ve been told that by the third child attempting to keep an organized “diaper bag” is useless. Some wipes, a pacifier, and a few diapers thrown in your purse and you are set for kid #3. I am thinking that one of these Velvet Tote Bags would be ideal for holding my usual staples like… read more

Parenting: Every Child is Different

Almost 5 years ago when I found out I was having a second daughter I thought, “How perfect! At least I know what to expect.” How very wrong I was… As one of 8 children it’s a wonder that I was naive enough to imagine that my two girls would be the same considering that… read more