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Smart Playrooms: Getting Organized!

You know the drill. The excuses, the arguments, the negotiations… “Only take one toy out at a time. Don’t forget to clean up afterwards. No moving on to the next thing until we’ve put this away first…” Keeping a playroom clean and clear of clutter can be quite a feat. And I’m not saying the… read more

Cabin Fever

Sarah Sherman Samuel is a super cool graphic designer who is the mastermind behind the blog Smitten Studio. She also creates a unique line of home goods called “A Sunny Afternoon” – all American made goods and great for gifting. While Samuel permanently resides in LA – she and her husband Rupert recently bought a small cabin on… read more

Little Things: From the Kitchen

When I was growing up the kitchen was the hub in our household. On any given day you’d find 3 or 4 of us huddled around the center island making snacks and catching up. To this day, while our kitchen is quite petite, it’s still where we spend most of our time cooking and congregating…. read more

Gift Guide: For the Host

‘Tis the season! Nothing says “thank you for having me” like a special gift. A bottle of your favorite wine is a great idea, but sometimes a one-of-a kind item that the host would most likely not buy themselves is a better answer. I’m a big fan of buying a few things and keeping them… read more

Going once, going twice… SOLD!

I’ve never considered myself to be a gambling lady but our trip to a private back yard auction while in VT had me wondering if all this time I have been wrong… I arrived skeptical and left a believer. I got the fever! The day before the big event we previewed rows and rows of… read more

Nifty Knickknacks

Stop the presses! These precious plates are just too good not to share. I can think of at least ten times in the last 3 months I could have used this little plate with the cup holder. Can you imagine if they offered these up at every cocktail party? I’ve got to believe that many… read more

A special space…

Don’t we all crave a special space? A place where you can unwind, decompress, and relax. A space where the view allows you to daydream about future plans and favorite moments from the past. A space where the things hanging on the wall feel in sync. A place where the bed is welcoming or the… read more

Dear Old Dad

So here I am blogging about just how crafty and organized I am trying to become and what do I do? I leave shopping for Father’s Day gifts to the very last minute. Not crafty. Not organized. Sorry Dad. Sorry Husband. I may not have ordered personalized golf balls months ago but I do fancy… read more

House Beautiful

I’ve got a cousin-in-law who is just one of those women. Effortlessly chic in a casual and cool kind of way. Bohemian yet modern. Relaxed but always accessorized with a piece that is truly unique. She has a lot of talents – one of them being a keen eye for interior design – and that’s… read more